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Kazan, Chernyshevsky str. 16

Booking telephone:     8 800 222 45 57
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Rules of accommodation in the hostel

  1. Check-in  time is 14 hours for local time of this day.
  2. Check-out time is 12 hours for local time of this day.
  3. Staying in the hostel must be paid and will be charged according to the standard rate (500 rubles).
  4. Administration is not responsible for the values, which were not deposited in the safe.
  5. Leave a key at the reception every time when you leave hostel
  6. Alcohol and smoking are forbidden inside of hostel
  7. Be friendly and don’t use foul language
  8. Please take good care of the hostel property. Guest is responsible for damage of property of the hostel and agrees to pay damages at cost, which is defined in the price list.
  9. We earnestly request to keep silence, turn down TV, radio after 21 till 09 local time.
  10. Remember to turn off water-taps, shut the windows, turn off the light, TV, radio and lock the room when leaving.
  11. Please, don’t eat and drink inside of rooms. Keep your food only at kitchen.
  12. Call administrator before using washing machine
  13. Guests who disturb peace and violate the rules of the hostel will be expelled from the hostel. The payment is returned except losses.

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